Coolant temperature sender VW T3 (08/1987-07/1992) 1.9L, 2.1L, 1.6L TD, 1.7L D & VW T4 (1991-2003) 1.9L D/TD, 2.4L D, 2.8L


Coolant temp. sender for VW T3 manufactured between 08/1987 and 07/1992 with 1.9L petrol (DF, DG), 2.1L petrol (SS, MV, DJ), 1.6L TD (JX) and 1.7LD (KY) engines.

Valid also for some VW T4 engines such as 1.9L D (1X), 1.9L TD (ABL) and 2.4L D (ABL, AJA), and 2.8L (AES)

We recommend checking the type of connection of your sensor before placing the order.

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