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Foldable windshield for portable kitchen

Price €12.59
Aluminum folding windshield for portable kitchens. Dimensions: 83.5 cm long x 24 cm high. Very small size once folded: 24x8.5 cm. It includes a...
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Round bubble level, Ø 30 mm

Price €4.21
Ideal accessory to control the inclination of the van. It has 3 small holes on its perimeter to screw it. You can otherwise fix it using...
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VW T3 dashboard tray, black

Price €27.23
Compatible with all VW T3 models with flat hard dash. Not valid for dashboard with Multivan type padding.
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Fresh air grille for side sliding window

Price €12.20
Sold per unit. Valid also for VW Beetle cabin windows but nevertheless NOT valid for VW T3 and VW T4 cabin windows given the width is not enough. 
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Pair of air vents for VW T3 cabin doors

Price €70.21
These air vents should only be mounted when the vehicle parked as they significantly reduce the vision. It is not allowed to drive with them. 
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Anti-theft plate for VW T3 clutch pedal

Price €49.00
There are no infallible anti-theft systems ... however, this is a simple and effective element that can put one more obstacle to the thieves. No...
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Pop top roof seal, sold by the meter

Price €5.00
Sold by the meter. Price per meter. The maximum length that can be sold in a single section is 24 meters. This seal can be valid for other VW T3...