Some articles, due to their weight and / or volume characteristics, may have associated additional handling and packaging costs.

We consider a heavy shipment the one whose weight is greater than 10 KG or whose volumetric weight calculated according to the weight / volume criterion (167 kilograms / cubic meter) using the following formula Length x width x height (expressed in centimeters) /6,000, is greater than 10.

You can carry out a simulation of the shipping costs of a product through our website, without the need to register or if you wish, you can also make a query to our sales team through

in the case of a shipment with different bulky items, contact us through to obtain an adjusted budget according to the final dimensions of the package and the destination.

As a general rule we do not carry out international shipments of heavy and / or bulky and / or fragile items (glass, bumpers, body panels, etc ...). If you want to know the viability of shipping certain heavy and / or bulky and / or fragile products, first contact our sales team at