Delivery times vary depending on the type of carrier and the selected place of delivery.

For all shipments in the calculation of the delivery period, we count as days, the business days from Monday to Friday from the moment the payment of the order has been received. Weekends and holidays are excluded outside the calculation.

For shipments to Europe, the delivery time is 2 to 7 days.

For international shipments outside the European Union, the delivery time is 7 to 10 days. International shipments are subject to different factors such as the country of destination, transport agency responsible for the shipment and volume and / or weight of the package. In any case, the arrival time at the customs of the country of destination will usually not exceed 7 days.

Please note the additional delays on these terms to complete customs formalities. These procedures are the responsibility of the client.

Please contact our customer service through to know more exactly what your shipping costs and delivery time for international shipments may be.

As a general rule we do not carry out international shipments of heavy and / or bulky and / or fragile items (glass, bumpers, body panels, etc ...). If you want to know the viability of shipping certain heavy and / or bulky and / or fragile products, first contact our sales team at

Products whose deliveries require different deadlines will reflect this particularity in their description.

In the case of anomalies derived from the courier and transport services and for complications at the time of supplying the Products, AREACAMPER cannot be held responsible for the consequences due to a delay in delivery.

For products that are not in stock or quantities greater than those we have for immediate delivery, do not hesitate to contact us since the material may be about to be received and we will offer you the best alternative based on your need.

If the product is not in stock and must be requested from Areacamper's suppliers, the delivery time of the order will start counting from the arrival of the product at our warehouse. At any time, through your customer account you can track the order. If the client wishes, Areacamper can send the different products separately, taking into account that the costs of each shipment will be borne by the buyer.


Unless otherwise established in the corresponding Accepted Order, the Products together with the purchase delivery note will be delivered to the Customer at the address stated in the Order. The Products ordered will be delivered to the address indicated during the purchase (the Customer must ensure the accuracy of the address given) or to the collection point indicated.

The products offered on the website will only be sent to Germany, Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, USA, El Salvador, Slovakia , Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Nicaragua, Norway, Netherlands, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom , Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, Venezuela.

No shipments will be made outside the mentioned delivery area.


Transportation will be hired by AREACAMPER. The shipment will be in charge of a freight forwarding agency with delivery to the customer's home.

The costs of the corresponding transport services will be invoiced, together with the corresponding Accepted Order and according to the billing criteria of AREACAMPER for such cases, the shipping costs appear in the following section.

Certain categories of products, due to their weight and / or dimensions, cannot be delivered through certain means of transport. For this reason, AREACAMPER reserves the right to propose only the carriers available during your purchase process.


Shipping costs on our website are calculated based on:

· The weight or volumetric weight of the shipment - the greater of the two -

· And the Province or State of the country of delivery.

Some articles, due to their weight and / or volume characteristics, may be associated with additional handling and packaging costs.

We consider a heavy shipment the one whose weight is greater than 10 KG or bulky whose volumetric weight calculated according to the weight / volume criterion (167 kilograms / cubic meter) using the following formula Length x width x height (expressed in centimeters) /6,000, is greater than 10.

You can carry out a simulation of the shipping costs of a product through our website, without the need to register or if you wish, you can also consult our commercial team through


You can carry out a simulation of the shipping costs through our website, without the need to register or if you wish you can also make the inquiry to our commercial team through

Shipping costs do not include import taxes, duties or handling charges. These are paid for locally and are the responsibility of the customer.

For both national and international shipments, on some occasions, the shipping cost calculator may not have made an adjusted calculation of the same. In this case, you will be contacted prior to the preparation of your order to receive approval from you for the adjustment of shipping costs. Otherwise, the entire amount paid in that transaction will be reimbursed in the same mode of payment that made it.