Our goal is always to offer products for your total satisfaction. Arecamper offers a 2 year warranty on all parts sold from the date of purchase. In case of defect in the ordered goods, we guarantee the guarantee according to the legal framework. The status of the goods upon delivery by the carrier or parcel service is relevant to the determination of a defect. If the defect occurs in the first 6 months after delivery, it is also presumed by law that it was present in the delivery until proven otherwise (burden of proof).

After six months he would have to prove successfully that the merchandise was defective and was damaged at the time of delivery and not later.

Please take into account the requirements for reporting any visible damage to the packaging and the product.


-They are in accordance with our description, the manufacturer has mentioned other products with that name and series of quality products and meets the appearance and

-It is apt to be used, usually for the purposes for goods of the same type and

-The statements comply with the announcement of the advertising on our part or by the manufacturer.

-Errors in assembly or instructions are also considered as defects.

-Defects are not properties that are recognized in the order.

Defects that occur six months after delivery, are presumed to have been present in the delivery, unless proven otherwise.


If there is a defect, you can choose to repair or replace the merchandise (Art. 5 § 1 LAW 23/2003). We can refuse to repair or solve if the costs are excessive. In the same way, you can not demand a new delivery, if the defect can be corrected with a minor repair, the value of the product or the product does not interfere in the contrary.

If there is a defect, the return costs for repair and delivery of the repaired goods will also be borne by you.

If the repair is not possible or was not carried out on time, you can keep the goods and request a reduction in the purchase price or demand the termination of the contract. If the defects are minor, you have no right to terminate the contract.

After the termination of the contract, the purchase price will be refunded


You are obliged to inform us about the defect within two months by email, fax or through the contact form (Art. 9 § 4 LAW 23/2003).

You can request the return of the guarantee within 2 years after purchase.

The warranty period does not start again if a repair of the goods is carried out.

If the purchase has been of used merchandise, the defect must be notified one year after the purchase.


We are not responsible for the breach of the contract, if it is for reasons of force majeure, for unforeseen obstacles that preclude compliance by reasonable means.

Consumables are excluded from the warranty (battery, light bulbs, fuses, filters ...)

Our products can only be installed by properly trained personnel for vehicles or specific systems to comply with the installation instructions. We can not be held responsible for the consequences of a defective installation or improper installation of the essential parts.

The Client is solely responsible for the use and / or installation of the Products as well as their correct storage and / or treatment until such installation, forcing, therefore, to defend, indemnify and hold harmless AREACAMPER, its employees, its agents or subcontractors, its executives, of any costs, fees, damages, claims, expenses or procedures, including, but not limited to, claims for Products that are proven to be defective.