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VW T4 armrest repair plate

Price €4.09
Suitable for all VW T4 front armrests, right or left side. You'll just have to unscrew the armrest and put this repair plate over the broken one....
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2 point type safety seat belt, universal

Price €27.83
Belt length: 135 cm. Adjustable 47 cm. It includes the fixing screws to the chassis. We recommend that the safety belts are installed by a...
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40 cm safety belt extender, black

Price €16.33
Belt extender easy to use. It adapts to most belts and is suitable for all VW models. Provides approximately 40 cm additional length. 
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VW T4 safety belt trim

Price €9.65
Keep in mind that in order to pass the belt through, you'll have to make a fine cut in the part.
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Safety belt 55x55x2 mm mounting plate

Price €5.41
Dimensions: 55x55x2 mm If what you need is to fix the belt and your model does not carry in the chassis the corresponding plates of origin, this...