Pure sine wave inverter Smart-in from NDS, 12V / 1000W


These inverters have been designed to guarantee maximum performance in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability. Thanks to their special technical solutions and innovative features, Smart-in inverters are also suitable for professional use.

Protected against overloads and short circuits, as well as reverse polarity and excess temperature. Includes low battery alarm and soft start system.


High efficiency - up to 91%, and low self-consumption

Entrance with professional connections

Ready for use with remote control On / Off

Fully isolated input and output


The input and output are fully isolated, preventing any anomaly of the equipment connected to the output from damaging the input connection, and vice versa.

Professional connectors that, unlike other inverters, substantially reduce the voltage loss in the connections between the device and the battery.

IVT function, consists of an integrated priority system (such as the Priority Switch) that allows managing the voltage from the inverter connected to the battery and from the external grid. When the external grid is connected to the installation, it is the one that will have priority to preserve the battery, but when the inverter is disconnected, it will be powered from the outlet and any installation that has been connected to it. 

Smart-in inverters boast the lowest level of self-consumption on the market and the fact that they remain in stand-by mode for much longer, thus maintaining current consumption to minimize absorption, so that the battery does not discharge needlessly.


Peak capacity: 3000 W (a few seconds)

Power (W): 1000 W

Protection: Against overload, short circuit, overheating and low battery

Series: Smart-in

Voltage: 12V

Output voltage: 230 VAC

Generated wave: Pure sine wave

Brand: NDS 

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